Grade 9 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section B

(Susanna, Kangkang, and their classmates are asked to make a report about famous people around the world. Now they are discussing in class.)
Susanna: Hi, Kangkang, who is your hero?
Kangkang: My hero is Abraham Lincoln. Although he was both poor and didn’t have much education, he never gave up reading books. He became one of the greatest presidents of the USA. What about you, Susanna?
Susanna: Marie Curie is my hero. Not only did she discover radium but also she won the Nobel Prize twice in her lifetime.
Kangkang: She was great! Who did you write about, Li Ming?
Li Ming: I admire Thomas Edison both for his exploring spirit and for his great inventions. During his lifetime he
invented more than 2 000 new things, including the light bulb, the telegraph and photographic film.
Kangkang: I think we have learned a lot from the famous people around the world.

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