Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 2 Section C

What Mothers Said to Eat
Mothers always tell their children what they should eat.
When Kangkang was a child, his mother often told him, “Be careful not to eat too much salt or sugar.” She said it might cause illness.
Maria’s mother always took care of Maria very well. For example, Maria’s teeth were very weak, so her mother said that she mustn’t eat too much candy or ice cream.
Milk is a healthy drink. Jane didn’t like it, but her mother always forced her to drink it. Every morning before she left for school, she had to drink a glass of milk because her mother was always watching her.
During Michael’s childhood, he had to cat many vegetables and fruit to keep healthy. Once, cabbage was on his plate. As soon as Michael saw it, he got mad.
But his mother made him taste it. He was surprised to find that it was delicious!

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