Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section B

Kangkang: Hi, Maria! I haven’t seen you for a long time. You took part in some volunteer activities during summer holidays, didn’t you?
Maria: Yes. I was a volunteer in a disabled children’s home.
Kangkang: Cool! Did you clean rooms for the disabled children?
Maria: Yes, I did.
Kangkang: Did you feed them?
Maria: No, I didn’t. But I cooked for them.
Kangkang: What a wonderful experience!
Maria: Yes, it really was. I’ve learnt a lot from it. I think it makes me happy to help others.
Kangkang: How interesting! Have you been to any other place?
Maria: No, I haven’t. Though I had no time to travel, I still felt very happy.
What about you?
Kangkang: You’re so kind. I have been to an English summer school. I made some new friends there. We also put on funny shows for a group of old people in a community.
Maria: Great! To help others makes us happy.

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