Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section D

Changing Leisure Activities
Leisure activities are the kinds of things people like to do to relax and enjoy themselves when they are not working or going to school. Leisure activities play an important part in people’s lives. In the past, there were few leisure activities. Children often got together to play hide-and-seek. People met to play cards or chess in the street. Few people had chances to travel. Watching operas and listening to the radio were the main activities in their spare time.
Since the reform and opening-up, Chinese people have had more time to spend on various kinds of leisure activities. A lot of people love both to play and to watch team sports like basketball or football. Many people stay at home having a rest, reading books and watching TV. Young people like to play games on computers or chat on the Internet. In recent years, more and more people love to travel during vacation. They go to visit some places of interest, and some people even make a tour abroad to see the world. Chinese people now have the time and chance to do more kinds of leisure activities.

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