Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section D

Changing Leisure Activities

Leisure [1]leisure: US: [ˈleʒər]  UK: [ˈleʒə(r)]   n. 休闲;闲暇;空闲  adj. 闲暇的 activities are the kinds of things people like to do to relax and enjoy themselves [2]enjoy oneself: 玩得开心;过得愉快 when they are not working or going to school. Leisure activities play an important part in [3]play an important part in: 在…方面起重要作用 people’s lives. In the past [4]in the past: 在过去, there were few leisure activities. Children often got together to play hide[5]hide: US: [haɪd]   UK: [haɪd]   v. 藏;掩盖;躲避;遮住-and-seek[6]hide-and-seek:捉迷藏游戏. People met to play cards [7]play cards:打纸牌 or chess [8]chess: US: [tʃes]  UK: [tʃes]  n. 【体】国际象棋; in the street. Few people had chances to travel. Watching operas and listening to the radio [9]radio: US: [ˈreɪdioʊ] UK: [ˈreɪdiəʊ]  n. 无线电广播;无线电广播节目;收音机;无线电传送 were the main activities in their spare [10]spare: US: [sper]  UK: [speə(r)]  v. 抽出;匀出;饶恕;不遗余力  adj. 不用的;闲置的;备用的;外加的 time [11]in one’s spare time: 在某人的空闲时间;在某人业余时间.

Since the reform and opening-up, Chinese people have had more time to spend on various kinds of leisure activities. A lot of people love both to play and to watch team sports like basketball or football. Many people stay at home having a rest, reading books and watching TV. Young people like to play games on computers or chat on the Internet. In recent [12]recent:US: [ˈrisənt] UK: [ˈriːs(ə)nt]  adj. 近来的;新近的 years, more and more people love to travel during vacation. They go to visit some places of interest [13]places of interest: 名胜古迹, and some people even make a tour abroad [14]abroad: US: [əˈbrɔd]   UK: [əˈbrɔːd]   adv. 国外;海外;出国;到国外 to see the world. Chinese people now have the time and chance to do more kinds of leisure activities.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 leisure: US: [ˈleʒər]  UK: [ˈleʒə(r)]   n. 休闲;闲暇;空闲  adj. 闲暇的
2 enjoy oneself: 玩得开心;过得愉快
3 play an important part in: 在…方面起重要作用
4 in the past: 在过去
5 hide: US: [haɪd]   UK: [haɪd]   v. 藏;掩盖;躲避;遮住
6 hide-and-seek:捉迷藏游戏
7 play cards:打纸牌
8 chess: US: [tʃes]  UK: [tʃes]  n. 【体】国际象棋;
9 radio: US: [ˈreɪdioʊ] UK: [ˈreɪdiəʊ]  n. 无线电广播;无线电广播节目;收音机;无线电传送
10 spare: US: [sper]  UK: [speə(r)]  v. 抽出;匀出;饶恕;不遗余力  adj. 不用的;闲置的;备用的;外加的
11 in one’s spare time: 在某人的空闲时间;在某人业余时间
12 recent:US: [ˈrisənt] UK: [ˈriːs(ə)nt]  adj. 近来的;新近的
13 places of interest: 名胜古迹
14 abroad: US: [əˈbrɔd]   UK: [əˈbrɔːd]   adv. 国外;海外;出国;到国外
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