Grade 9 Units 1-2 Review

Chinas Green Beat 96 is the first green media in China. It provides enjoyable short films to make people care for environmental problems. It has created more than ten short films in order to teach people about environmental problems through these stories.

Shanghai: Over-Packaging
In recent years, the packaging for certain products, for example, mooncakes, has become very beautiful but excessive. The cost of the packaging is often higher than that of the product.
The over-packaging of goods creates a lot of waste, seriously wastes our natural resources and pollutes our environment. This new video, produced in Shanghai, visits markets…

Kunming: No Car Day
September 22 is “No Car Day” around the world, but Kunming is the only Chinese city to have “No Car Day” every month. It is on the last Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The policy requires that only taxis, buses, bikes and special purpose vehicles are allowed to travel anywhere in the city. On September 22, the air quality in Kunm ing was reported to be much better because of fewer vehicles.

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