Grade 7 Unit 5 Topic 2 Secion A


Michael: Hello, Jane! This is Michael. What are you doing now?
Jane: Guess!
Michael: Are you doing your homework?
Jane: No, I’m not.
Michael: Are you watching TV?
Jane: Yes, I am. What about you?
Michael: I’m making cards, but it’s boring.
Would you like to play basketball?
Jane: Good idea! See you soon.
Michael: See you.


A: …, where is Maria?
B: She is…
A: What is she doing now?
B: She is…
A: Is Kangkang reading in the library, too?
B: No, he isn’t. He is …

A: Where are Wang Li and Li Mei?
B: They are…
A: What are they doing?
B: They are…
A: Are Wang Wei and Lin Tao dancing,
B: No, they aren’t. They are …


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