(Susanna and Kangkang are talking about Zheng He.)

Susanna: You know, I am becoming more and more interested in [1]become interested in: 对…产生兴趣;对……变得感兴趣 China’s history these days. Could you tell me something about the person named Zheng He?

Kangkang: Sure. Zheng He was born in 1371. He was a Ming dynasty explorer whom we Chinese people are proud of [2]be proud of: 为…自豪;骄傲;以……为骄傲.

Susanna: Why do you think he was great?

Kangkang: Because, as a captain [3]captain: 美: [ˈkæptɪn]  英: [‘kæptɪn]  n. 船长;机长;首领;(海军)上校 and palace official, he led [4]lead: 美: [lid]   英: [liːd]  v. 导致;领导;引导;牵 seven ocean journeys from 1405 to 1433. At that time, the compass [5]compass: 美: [ˈkʌmpəs]   英: [‘kʌmpəs]   n. 罗盘;指南针;圆规;〈正式〉范围 played an important role in [6]play and important role/part in: 在……起重要作用 his sailing [7]sailing: 美: [ˈseɪlɪŋ]  英: [‘seɪlɪŋ]   n. 帆船运动;(乘帆船的)航行;(从某港口开出的)航班. He even succeeded in [8]succeed in doing sth. : 成功地做了某事 sailing [9]sail: 美: [seɪl]  英: [seɪl]   v. 起航;飘;(船)航行 to the east coast [10]coast: 美: [koʊst]  英: [kəʊst]   n. 海岸;海滨 of Africa. His last ocean journey was more than half a century earlier than Columbus’ first journey to America.

Susanna: It’s hard to believe! [11]It’s hard to believe!  难以置信! What a great explorer! He is really the pride of China.

Kangkang: Yes. Unfortunately [12]unfortunately: 美: [ʌnˈfɔrtʃənətli]  英: [ʌnˈfɔː(r)tʃ(ə)nətli]  adv. 可惜;遗憾的是;不巧, he died of [13]die of: 死于;因……而死 illness on his way home from Africa in 1433.

Susanna: Oh, what a shame! [14]what a shame! 真遗憾;多可惜;真可惜 Thank you for telling me so much.

Kangkang: My pleasure.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 become interested in: 对…产生兴趣;对……变得感兴趣
2 be proud of: 为…自豪;骄傲;以……为骄傲
3 captain: 美: [ˈkæptɪn]  英: [‘kæptɪn]  n. 船长;机长;首领;(海军)上校
4 lead: 美: [lid]   英: [liːd]  v. 导致;领导;引导;牵
5 compass: 美: [ˈkʌmpəs]   英: [‘kʌmpəs]   n. 罗盘;指南针;圆规;〈正式〉范围
6 play and important role/part in: 在……起重要作用
7 sailing: 美: [ˈseɪlɪŋ]  英: [‘seɪlɪŋ]   n. 帆船运动;(乘帆船的)航行;(从某港口开出的)航班
8 succeed in doing sth. : 成功地做了某事
9 sail: 美: [seɪl]  英: [seɪl]   v. 起航;飘;(船)航行
10 coast: 美: [koʊst]  英: [kəʊst]   n. 海岸;海滨
11 It’s hard to believe!  难以置信!
12 unfortunately: 美: [ʌnˈfɔrtʃənətli]  英: [ʌnˈfɔː(r)tʃ(ə)nətli]  adv. 可惜;遗憾的是;不巧
13 die of: 死于;因……而死
14 what a shame! 真遗憾;多可惜;真可惜