Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 3 Section C

Dear Craig,

How are you these days? I have some good news to tell you.
The first International Food Festival went very well, and the results were worth the effort. Both the parents and the teachers loved the food. Maria cooked very successfully. She sold 35 dishes of beef curry. Jane cooked mote successfully. She sold 45 Indian curries. I cooked the most successfully. I sold 50 bowls of fried rice. But the most popular food was fried noodles.
The students were happy, and I think you will be as happy as all the students. We worked very hard, and in the end we made over ¥1 500. We’ll send the money to you.
Best wishes to you!


Li Weikang


Maria: What did you make for 1he food festival, Mina?
Mina: I made filed noodles.
Maria: How do we eat them? Do we need a fork?
Mina: No, you use chopsticks.
Maria: Oh, I don’t think I can eat it very neatly!
Mina: Well, if you want to, you can use forks to eat fried noodles.

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