Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 2 Section A

Kangkang: Hi, Maria! A wonderful movie will be shown tonight. Shall we go to watch it?

Maria: Great! What’s it about?

Kangkang: It’s about life in space.

Maria: That sounds exciting.

Kangkang: Yes. All the people travel by spaceship in the movie, and they can visit planets like Mars.

Maria: Really? Kangkang, do you think people will live on Mars in the future [1]in the future: 将来,未来,今后?

Kangkang: Yes, 1 think we will live in space one day [2]one day: 有一天;(过去或将来的)某一天. Houses, schools and hospitals will be built on Mars. We will be able to do anything that can be done on the earth.

Maria: What fun! [3]What fun! 多么有趣;多有趣啊;那太好了 I can’t wait [4]can’t wait (to do sth.) : 等不及(要做某事).

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 in the future: 将来,未来,今后
2 one day: 有一天;(过去或将来的)某一天
3 What fun! 多么有趣;多有趣啊;那太好了
4 can’t wait (to do sth.) : 等不及(要做某事)
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