Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 2 Section B

Kangkang: Maria, have you heard the news on TV about the space flight to Mars?
Maria: No, I haven’t. Who will take part in the space flight?
Kangkang: Astronauts from China, the United States and Russia. They will travel into space and discover something new about Mars. I really admire them. I’d like to be an astronaut when I grow up.
Maria: It’s really cool. However, I think you should first master some basic computer skills.
Kangkang: Sure. Maria, what are you going to be?
Maria: Mm, I am not sure. Sometimes I want to be a dancer, but I think I future.
Kangkang: Why? I think you dance very well.
Maria: Yes, I’m sure I can perform ballet on the stage in the future. But I prefer science to dance. It is my favorite subject in school. I’m excited about the things that will be discovered in the future.
Kangkang: That’s wonderful! Let’s work hard. Then our dreams will be realized.

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